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Photograph by Tyler Mitchell for American Vogue

You may recognize this iconic cover of American Vogue, after all, it is Queen B. In 2018, incredible photographer Tyler Mitchell made history by becoming the first Black photographer to shoot an American Vogue cover in the magazines 125 year history…with these photos of Beyonce.

Tyler Mitchell is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. In 2017 he graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in television and film. Throughout college, Mitchell was always creating. …

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Embroidery by Northeastern student, Joyce Downey

Empowering Professionals Before They’re Professionals

One of the hardest parts about being an artist, creator, and maker in college is trying to get work out there for people to appreciate. With constant homework assignments, paper deadlines, and now Zoom University weighing over each students’ shoulders, it’s that much harder to focus attention on making art.

The Cubby is here to help. The Cubby (fully launching 2/11) is an online marketplace where college student creators can (exclusively) showcase and sell their work to the general public. …

The Cubby

The Cubby strives to unite student creators with alumni, parents and consumers across the US. We’re one digital campus, empowering the pros before they’re pros.

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